MOUNT STOCK – the unique wines at the luxury STOCK resort hotel in the Tyrol

Unforgettable enjoyment created by strong characters

That special something is always informed by an unusual idea. And so it is host Daniel Stock in person, who translates the spirit of his STOCK resort into enjoyable wines and thus brings that “at the STOCK feeling” to life. Together with no less a personality than prize-winning vintner Leo Hillinger, he created a collection that finds its completion in the pithy name of MOUNT STOCK. The finest of wines, a marvellously light secco, two types of wine jelly and Zillertal mountain honey embody the generosity of the host, the finest sommelier knowhow of the vintner and the uniqueness of your days at the luxury hotel STOCK resort, both fascinating and harmonious at the same time. You too can also take something of that STOCK feeling with you.