STOCK resort, the stylish yoga hotel in the Alps

Yoga, body-styling & more

When new strength lies hidden in quiet, when relaxation can be found in movement and when the path to the centre is a wonderful one then you are a guest in the energy room in our sport and yoga STOCK resort hotel. Elegant materials furnish the room, harmonious colours and artistic accents signal the nature of this special place. But even more than the room and its design, it is the picturesque mountain panorama that brings the intact energy of the Alps and the beauty of the Zillertal up close. Enjoy our relaxation workouts daily such as qigong and meditation, sensitise your body with yoga and pilates, activate your power with body-styling sessions, walking or Nordic walking and then relax in our Sauna Landscape and with massages in Spa & Wellness.


Discover our  vitality programme and activate health and spirit on your active holiday in the 5-star STOCK resort.


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