Fitness at the 5-star STOCK resort sport hotel in the Tyrol

Your very own personal fitness coach

190 m2 of pure power. The superb panorama fitness studio with its breathtaking panoramic view is a playground for all sports fanatics and those who are still trying. The top-level equipment and personal attention will make your fitness training in the Tyrol into an experience. Join our group fitness programme  and enjoy an effective strength training, cardio-vascular training and "Body & Mind"-courses in the energy room.


  • Strength training:
    Back-fit, body-styling with pezziball or Thera-band®, stomach-intensive, Flexi-Bar®, aqua-fit, bums-tums-legs and much more.
  • Cardio-vascular training:
    Nordic walking,  zumba®, step aerobics, dance aerobics u. v. m.
  • Body & Mind:
    Pilates, yoga, stretching, body placement, qigong, Jacobsen’s progressive muscle relaxation and much more.
  • Personaltraining 1h / € 80,-

Follow the advice of the Master of Kundalini Yoga: "For the sake of your health there are two things you should do daily: sweat once and laugh once."