Your fitness and personal trainer at the wellness hotel STOCK resort in Austria

Feel fantastic!

Fitness Room

Success lies in the detail. Passion in healthy vitality. "feel strong!" is the credo of our active world in the midst of the Zillertal. Everything that is fun in the open air can be enjoyed to the full, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, together with our walking, ski and vitality guides. But we have also thought of everything in the sport hotel STOCK resort: first class premium fitness equipment by Technogym, an attractive cardio park in the architecturally unique 190 m2 panorama fitness studio and personal instruction for successful Power-Plate®- and Miha-Bodytec training are just the start. Anyone wanting to achieve more on holiday and to transcend their limits will book excellent personal training and thus actively takes the first steps to a new wellbeing.

With your fitness, and personal, trainer to tangible success

Competence and experience, the ability to empathise and a special feeling for your potential make the personal trainers at the STOCK resort sympathetic companions preparing the path to a vitalised and active life. Naturally the programme will be adjusted fully to your individual needs: building up muscle or fat reduction, strengthening the back or boosting the cardio-vascular system – everything is possible as personal training in your sport hotel in the Tyrol includes:

  • Yoga, pilates, qigong
  • Stretching, relaxation sessions and meditation
  • Water fitness
  • Diverse alpine outdoor sports according to time of year
  • Fitness training for the studio or for home use
  • Exercises to build up muscles after completion of rehabilitation treatment
  • Exercises to offset the working day
  • Weight reduction
  • Stress reduction
  • Improvement of general fitness and endurance
  • Miha Bodytec
  • Power Plate® – strengthening, stretching and massage
  • There are no limits to your wishes!
Fitness Room

Your personal trainer for effective Power-Plate® training

Modern fitness regimes would be lost without the Power Plate®, known as power anti-cellulite training. Stars such as Iris Porsche or Barbara Becker or even the German national football team swear by the effectiveness of this targeted training, whose origin is to be found in space travel. In the 5-star STOCK resort sport- and wellness hotel we give you the possibility of getting to know this exclusive workout and celebrating its rapid success in building up muscles, firming up and mobility.

Reserve your personal training units for this at reception early in order to secure the time and date you require.


Personal Power Plate® units:

12 min.  €     7,–
30 min.  €   35,–
Pack of 3 x 30 min. €   85,–
Pack of 5 x 30 min.   € 150,–
Fitness Room

Miha Bodytec at the sport hotel STOCK resort

Discover the highly effective Miha-Bodytec technology together with your personal trainer. This innovative further development of the electro-muscle-stimulation principle stimulates all the main muscles and the deeper-lying muscle groups and thus enables a highly effective and rapid training with visible success. The gentle tingling stimulates simultaneously and can be adjusted to the areas you wish to target by individual setting. This way on your active holiday at the sport hotel STOCK resort you can achieve your target in the shortest time possible and with minimal effort as a 15-minute training session has the effect of three to four classical training units.



30 min.  €   47,–
2 x 30 min. €   85,–