Recuperate & experience a visit to the Zillertal nature park

Unadulterated nature at 380 km²

Nature Park Zillertal
Nature Park Zillertal

Majestic summits, wonderful blossoming mountain meadows, crystal clear streams, waterfalls, tranquil lakes ... we could go on and on about the jewels of our Zillertal. It is a gift of nature, which we are protecting together with the approximately 380 km2 high altitude Zillertal Alps. The area extends from 1,000 m above sea level in the mountain climbers’ village of Ginzling up to 3,509 m above sea level at Hochfeiler and includes all the characteristic height levels of the Alps – from the valley floor right up to the high alpine mountains. On the picturesque paths of the nature park in the Zillertal this attractive cultural landscape can be walked and discovered with the whole family.


Join the guided tours, courses and walks, and visit the events held in the Zillertal nature park such as:

  • Herb, wild flower, scenic and sunrise walks
  • Llama-trekking tours
  • Climbing courses
  • Alpine tours
  • Exhibitions
  • Themed days
  • Slow-food enjoyment
  • And much more


Here you can learn more about the unique high mountain nature park of the Zillertal Alps.