The noticeably unique STOCK philosophy at your hotel in the Tyrol

A hotel as valuable and special as our guests

"With feet on the ground,

with our minds on the vision,

with hands on work tools

and with people in our heart."

When contentment becomes enthusiasm, when wishes become reality, one you could not have imagined, and when people meet each other with open affection, then you have arrived – at the STOCK resort, your hotel in the Tyrol. For centuries we have lived good, honest hospitality, wanting to be genuine and authentic and provide a gloriously relaxed and pleasurable framework for your holiday enjoyment. In this we are relying on our committed team which is completely there for you and will always like exceeding your expectations again and again. Friendliness and charm, attentive presence and gallant generosity are the most important characteristics of our staff here. Together with us, your host family, we create such a caring ambience for people searching for something special.

With each other & for each other in your hotel in the Tyrol

Taking responsibility for us means following a demanding path, to always want to grow that bit more and to surpass oneself. Every member of the team will put their own special stamp on your individual rest & relaxation experience and will make your day unforgettable with their special charisma. At the wellness spa, with cuisine and wine, at sport and in family activities our motto of “with each other” and “for each other” will become especially noticeable. And every effort has only one intention: to make your holiday at the STOCK resort in Finkenberg in the Tyrol incomparable.