Beauty Care

A perfect appearance. With the beauty treatments of the STOCK resort and the unique STOCK DIAMOND rituals you will skilfully highlight your natural beauty.

Stock Diamond Wellness & Beauty Treatments

"Stock Diamond - Palpable Harmony"

Exclusive facial treatment in the Stock Diamond Beauty Suite
This comfort treatments begin with the "Stock Diamond Ritual". This is followed by a deep cleansing of your facial skin and a peel made from alpine honey, mountain crystal powder and avocado oil. After your eyebrows are shaped, your face can be regenerated and moisturised with an individually selected active concentrate. The following facial massage, relaxation mask with luxury cocoa butter and almond oil, the hand massage and the final facial care are soothing and gentle. You will be able to sense the balance and harmony - a holiday for your skin!
As a special treat, you will receive a "Stock Diamond" gift to take home.

Duration: 95 minutes
Duration: approx. 95 min. |€ 151,-

"Stock Diamond - Pure Effects"

Facial treatment for Him and Her
Refreshing cleansing, individual skin diagnosis and eyebrow shaping form the basis of this treatment. This is followed by a deep cleansing of the facial skin and a peel made of alpine honey, mountain crystal powder and avocado oil. Your skin is then ready to absorb your chosen ampoule. The following facial massage and relaxation mask made from luxury cocoa butter and almond oil moisturises and cares for your skin with all the power of the mountains. Finally, a skin care programme is the perfect ending to this fantastic experience. Freshness and care - intensive!

Duration: 80 minutes
Duration: approx. 80 min. |€ 117,-

"Stock Diamond - Pure Clarity"

Small facial treatment for Him and Her
The treatment begins with a refreshing purification, followed by a facial peel with fine jojoba seeds - this makes your skin ready for the next part of the treatment. Choose from a deep cleansing or a relaxing facial massage. An active ampoule and a relaxing mask with fine cocoa butter and almond oil as well as special hydrating skin care will round off this fantastic treatment perfectly.
Duration: 50 minutes
Duration: approx. 50 min. |€ 87,-

"Stock Diamond - Intensive Peace"

Body peel - bath - body wrap - massage in the Stock Diamond Beauty Suite
Valuable essences of avocado oil, soothing white clay and moisturising coconut milk giving intense effects and leaving your skin silky smooth. A soothing mountain crystal massage helps you to find inner peace. An intensive relaxation programme for your body, spirit and soul!
Duration: 100 minutes

Zillertal Mountain Magic

A source of energy and relaxation with Stock Diamond
The mountain crystal peeling at the start of this treatment soothes and cares for your skin. The subsequent gentle, calming and soothing full body massage is performed with warm arnica oil and warm mountain crystals. As an additional highlight, you will receive a "Stock Diamond Arnica Body Oil" as a gift to take home.

Duration: 75 min
Duration: approx. 75 min. |€ 131,-

Stock Diamond Mountain Crystal Peel

The classic Hotel Stock Peeling
Treat your skin to some luxury: A full-body peel with mountain honey from the Alps, fine peeling grains made from mountain crystal and moisturising avocado oil. For an intensive but gentle deep-pore body cleanse which helps your blood circulation
Duration: 20 mins
Duration: approx. 20 min. |€ 44,-

Mountain Crystal Salt Bath from Stock Diamond

Treat yourself to an exclusive bath with high-quality Stock Diamond products.
Enjoy this luxury bath which with fine mountain crystals and salt from the Dead Sea will leave your skin silky smooth.
20 min with resting time afterward
Duration: approx. 20 min. |€ 39,-