Ayurveda in the Tyrol – far eastern healing arts at the STOCK resort

The art of feeling clarity and joie de vivre with all your senses

Alpine Ayurveda

Every path is a path to ourselves. Guided by the inner voice of our heart and led by the wishes which shape our life. Take time out for a few hours and enjoy the fullness of the moment in one of the probably most effective and oldest treatment methods of the world. Providing alpine ayurveda in its full art is one of the greatest strengths and specialities of our SPA team, which here also demonstrates first class competence in a wonderfully relaxing manner. Experience this impressive combination of far eastern knowledge with the most sought-after healing oils from alpine nature in your 5-star wellness hotel in the Tyrol.

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Precious and unique: alpine ayurveda at the wellness hotel STOCK

Hardly any other form of treatment affects your individuality more than the unique alpine ayurveda at the STOCK DIAMOND SPA. Medical treatments going back millennia such as abhyanga, shiroabhyanga or padabhyanga are combined by our ayurveda experts with the effects of local medicinal herbs and oils and thus adjusted optimally to your specific personal requirements. Experiencing ayurveda in the Tyrol and Austria shows how varied high level wellness can be. At our wellness hotel in the midst of the Zillertal alpine world we will carry you off on a journey of the senses through the SPA cultures of the world. Open up your senses.

Ayurveda in Austria – performed by professionals, enjoyed by the pampered

Enjoying ayurveda in the Tyrol can open a door into a totally different world for you. Pampered with the massage techniques honed for generations and warm massage oils on your wellness holiday in Austria, you will feel how body and spirit find a new harmony. Everything seems to re-arrange itself afresh, in the clarity of the moment and in the peace that gives your centre new strength. The precious forehead anointing is a ritual that sharpens your awareness for the beauty of life afresh. Get to know and treasure alpine ayurveda in your wellness hotel in the Tyrol for yourself.

Alpine Ayurveda

A slightly different Hamam

Let us pamper you with localproducts!
Forget all about everyday life and enjoy this cleansing ritual with traditional products. The natural salt peeling, followed by a steam bath is the perfect preparation for your skin before the pine and soap suds massage. Special alpine herbs are rubbed into your skin to round off ther treatment, leaving your skin nourished and strong.

Duration: 75 mins with a relaxing post treatment period
Duration: approx. 75 min. |€ 117,-

Abhyanga - the technique of caring hands

Gentle, beneficial hands, to help you relax and let go. The gentle Ayurvedic oil massage Abhyanga is a wonderful way of reviving and harmonising the whole body.
Warm oil on your skin - that is Abhyanga, the full-body Ayurveda massage. The whole body is massaged with warm oil and strokes full of feeling. Experience deep relaxation and feel stress disappear. The body's tissue will be firmed, smoothed and will be able to resist stress and strain once more. The body is also rid of toxins.
Duration: approx. 80 mins
with forehead pouring| Duration: approx. 100 min. |€ 170,-
without forehead pouring| Duration: approx. 80 min. |€ 126,-

Shiro Abhyanga - Let Go!

Treat your head to a break!
This special head treatment is one of the most relaxing you'll ever experience. Especially for burn-out, stress or migraines, this treatment will give you a feeling of perfect wellbeing, inner peace and harmony. It strengthens the senses and the spirit and gives you power. As an extra relaxing treat a warm herbal pillow will caress your neck.
Duration: 70 min with resting time
with forehead pouring| Duration: approx. 75 min. |€ 128,-
without forehead pouring| Duration: approx. 50 min. |€ 83,-

Padhabhyanga - Treat your Feet

A pleasant, warm foot massage which will put a spring in your step!
This beneficial, calming massage not only promotes healthy sleep but is also brilliant for reducing stress. Additionally the feet are given a strength and stability which helps in strengthening the whole body.
Duration: approx. 50 min with resting time
without forehead pouring| Duration: approx. 50 min. |€ 83,-

Shiroabhyanga & Padabhyanga

The ayurvedic head, neck and foot massage.
The ayurvedic head, neck and foot massage is a special experience for anybody who finds it hard to switch off. This massage combination is the easy way to "let go and be revived". You will feel new energy flood your body and a feeling of deep harmony.
Approx. 100 minutes with resting time afterward
100 min| Duration: approx. 100 min. |€ 159,-
80 min| Duration: approx. 80 min. |€ 118,-