New wellbeing through a targeted massage at the Hotel STOCK resort

Create wellbeing & a new physical sensation

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Massages & More - Unlimited Well-being

Lomi Lomi Nui massage

So gentle, so sensual ...
... and so unique! This Hawaiian massage is carried out mainly with the lower arms. The massage soothes old tensions and "heals the wounds of the past". Any hardness is softened and room is made for intoxicating feelings.
Duration of treatment: 80 min
Duration: approx. 80 min. |€ 133,-

La Stone Therapy

La Stone Therapy - deep relaxation and well-being from the power of stones.
This treatment has its roots in old shamanic wisdom and has a long tradition with the Indians. Hot basalt stones and cold marble stones are the highlight of this incredible full-body massage which not only gives physical relaxation but also brings back harmony to the soul. The muscles are loosened, the lymphatic flow stimulated and tensions are soothed away.  
Duration: 75 min
Duration: approx. 75 min. |€ 120,-

Singing Bowl Treatment with Tibetan Bowls and Gongs

The sound that emerges from the singing bowl touches our innermost soul; it triggers a resonance in the soul. The sound releases tension, mobilises self-healing forces and opens up creative energies.
The journey begins with a wonderful welcoming ceremony: the singing bowl foot bath with base bath salts and rose oil. The sound of the singing bowl touch the inner parts of the body and soul. The sound soothes deep-lying tension and the body's self-healing powers are mobilised. With a period of relaxation afterwards you will be filled with new energy.
Duration: 50 min
Duration: approx. 50 min. |€ 82,-

Herbal Stamp Massage

A harmonious combination of a classic massage and a soothing experience for muscles and senses alike!
This massage, with loosening and relaxing massage strokes, is combined with a pleasantly warm aromatic stamp massage using stamps filled with mountain herbs! An incredible massage with the power of nature - pure pleasure.
Duration: 75 min
Duration: approx. 75 min. |€ 120,-