Packing Baths in the Splendid Water Recliner

Resting and relaxing in the wonderful water recliner ensures an enjoyable relaxation of quite a special kind.

Pack Baths in the Heavenly Water Bed

Comfort Spa Crystal

With the power of ruby
Soothing for your skin. The loss of moisture is compensated for, giving your skin a new lease of life for a balanced and glowing complexion!

Duration: 20 min
Duration: approx. 20 min. |€ 40,-

Comfort Spa Truffle

Luxury nutrition for your skin
The perfect combination of amino acids and minerals regulate your skin's moisture.

Duration: 20 min
Duration: approx. 20 min. |€ 40,-

Fango Back Wrap made from Tyrolean Rock Oil

Natural fango (sulphuric volcanic clay) is an excellent remedy for rheumatic complaints and also sports injuries.
A relaxing back pack for joints and muscles.

Fango wrap for the back in a relaxing lounger
Duration: 20 mins
Duration: approx. 20 min. |€ 35,-