STOCK DIAMOND pampering tips from your first class wellness hotel

Experience 5-star wellness close up

The STOCK resort is justifiably one of the best wellness hotels in Austria and delights its clients with the exclusive STOCK DIAMOND skincare range. Let yourself be inspired by Christine Stock's pampering tip and reserve days under the motto of relaxation, recuperation and beauty. We look forward to welcoming you to our unique STOCK DIAMOND suites.


The pampering tips of our exclusive wellness hotel:

Stock Diamond Pampering Tip

"Stock Diamond - Palpable Harmony"

Exclusive facial treatment in the Stock Diamond Beauty Suite
This comfort treatments begin with the "Stock Diamond Ritual". This is followed by a deep cleansing of your facial skin and a peel made from alpine honey, mountain crystal powder and avocado oil. After your eyebrows are shaped, your face can be regenerated and moisturised with an individually selected active concentrate. The following facial massage, relaxation mask with luxury cocoa butter and almond oil, the hand massage and the final facial care are soothing and gentle. You will be able to sense the balance and harmony - a holiday for your skin!
As a special treat, you will receive a "Stock Diamond" gift to take home.

Duration: 95 minutes

"Stock Diamond - Intensive Peace"

Body peel - bath - body wrap - massage in the Stock Diamond Beauty Suite
Valuable essences of avocado oil, soothing white clay and moisturising coconut milk giving intense effects and leaving your skin silky smooth. A soothing mountain crystal massage helps you to find inner peace. An intensive relaxation programme for your body, spirit and soul!
Duration: 100 minutes